EPISODE CONTENTS – Episodes 1 to 10

The lamprey, vampire of the sea.
Seabass fishing by kayak.
White seabream fishing by boat in Viana do Castelo.
Rock octopus rock on the rugged Asturian coast.

Stonefish on the Basque coast.
Allis shad in the Miño Estuary.
Gilt-head bream with Walter Tanero.
Longline fishing for conger.

Greater fork-beard on the Asturian coast.
Northern albacore trolling.
Lamprey fishing from pesqueiras.
The tradition of xávega on the beaches of Portugal.

Octopus secrets.
Professional fishing of lamprey.
Drying conger in Muxia.
Bluefish in the Catalan Mediterranean.

Arrai txiki in Hondarribia.
Aveiro, the Portuguese Venice.
Tubeworms in the sands of Cambados.
Jigging for pollock.

Rivers of Iberia, distribution limit of the Atlantic salmon.
Underwater fishing in Galicia.
On the rocks of Getaria with Salabardo.
Two ways to catch seabass in Figueira da Foz.

Dizzying Cliffs of southern Portugal.
Catching octopus in traps.
Capture of lampreys from estacadas.
Commercial squid fishing in Cudillero.

Common pandora and black seabream in El Garraf on the Catalan coast.
Fishing forSeabass with small fry in the Ribadeo Estuary.
Sagarra reels, another way of understanding fishing.
Cork fishing for white seabream in Bermeo.

Surfcasting in Nazaré.
Catching octopus with Fishing with a pole.
Miño Caneiros.
Congers or pout whiting.

Ballan wrasses in the coast of Comillas.
Bream adventure on the rocks.
Porto, good fishing and good wine.
Gilt-head bream in the Ría de Arousa.

Live the Iberian Peninsula through fishing.

Yago Mazoy